Unlock Growth!

Whether you want to explore NetSuite best practices, discover new products and solutions, or hear directly from your peers why and how NetSuite customers grow three times faster than the S&P 500 – SuiteConnect London has something for everyone at every stage of growth.

Agenda at a Glance

8.30 - 10.00Registration & Breakfast in SuiteConnect Expo
10.00 - 11.30Plenary Session
11.30 - 13.00Lunch in SuiteConnect Expo
13.00 - 13.45Breakout Sessions
14.00 - 14.45Breakout Sessions
14.45 - 15.30Networking Break in SuiteConnect Expo
15.30 - 16.15Breakout Sessions
16.30 - 17.15Breakout Sessions
17.15 - 19.00Networking Reception in SuiteConnect Expo

Breakout Sessions

SuiteConnect London will offer five unique tracks of breakout session content focused on the latest NetSuite products and offerings. You will be able to select your sessions during the registration process.

Efficient, Effective, Compliant Financials

NetSuite ERP: Modernize Your Financial Processes
Between dealing with an ever-increasing regulations, new tax laws, internal controls, and corporate governance, most CFOs do not have time to consider how new technologies could benefit their finance organization. Come and see how investing more in modern technologies and automation can help you to focus more on strategy, and less on closing the books.
World-Class Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting with Oracle NetSuite
NetSuite Planning & Budgeting automates and centralizes budgets, actuals, forecasts and calculations to ensure integrity in the planning process, from summary to detail. It also offers the ability to accommodate all types of modeling, from simple expense budgeting to creating sophisticated ‘what-if’ pro-forma revenue forecasts and financial statements. Learn how NetSuite Planning & Budgeting functionality supports all industries and business sizes and helps adjust model outcomes at the speed of business.
Cash is King: New Cash Management Developments in NetSuite
Join us to see some of the newest capabilities in NetSuite’s Bank Reconciliation functionality, including some major improvements made over the past two years. This session will review automated bank statement processing and reconciliation, the rules-based transaction matching engine, and the latest support for additional bank statement formats. We'll also present an update on the latest features in 2019 and explore future developments planned for the Cash Management feature, including updates on direct bank connectivity, integration, and flexible bank statement consumption.

Customer Acquisition, Growth & Retention

Tips and Tricks for Intermediate and Advanced NetSuite Users
Whether you're an experienced NetSuite user or just keen to learn more, come to this session to listen to NetSuite experts talk about their favorite and most effective tips and tricks. Designed for more advanced NetSuite users, this session will focus on key areas of the product, including standard functionality, SuiteSolutions, and potential partner solutions. We'll dive deep into the suite and show you how you can best use it to maximize your experience and achieve your goals.
Using Email to Drive Deeper Engagement and More Revenue with the Bronto Email Marketing Platform
Learn about the Bronto Marketing Platform and how you can use the data you are already collecting in NetSuite to send powerful personalized email campaigns that increase conversions, grow customer loyalty, and drive revenue for your brand. Hear how Bronto and NetSuite can seamlessly connect important data points to make the most of your marketing efforts, what powerful messaging strategies are used by successful retailers, and effective tactics that move the revenue needle.

Enhance Your Operations

International Expansion
NetSuite customers know that with OneWorld they can expand anywhere around the world. But what are the key issues that companies contemplating or undergoing international expansion should consider? We talk to customers and give our advice from many years helping others.
Getting Started with NetSuite: SuiteSuccess
NetSuite created SuiteSuccess for both new and existing customers looking for significantly faster return on investment but without the risk and cost associated with traditional implementations. Built on the experience and leading practices of some of the world’s fastest growing businesses, hear how it has transformed the way businesses select, deploy, grow and meet the demands of constantly changing environments on the same platform.
VC Pitch: You Get One Chance to Make a First Impression. Make It Count!
Record capitalization in the PE/VC space has encouraged an increasing number of companies to seek growth opportunities through private capital. In this session, experts discuss the fundraising lifecycle of a growing company—from securing early seed capital, to competitive series funding, to acquisition or even IPO. Join us to hear best practices for pitching your business at these various stages and tips for constructing your financing strategy throughout the investment journey.

Get More Out of NetSuite

NetSuite Services: Consulting and Training
NetSuite Advanced Customer Support is helping customers solve business problems and optimize processes every day by giving them access to a dedicated Advanced Customer Support team. Learning Cloud Support is a subscription-based on-demand training service that enables you to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning that fits around your daily responsibilities - perfect for individuals or teams needing just-in-time training on many areas of the NetSuite application. This session will explain these two new services, which have been widely acclaimed and taken up by customers worldwide, and give advice and examples of use cases to show how best to benefit from them.
Customer Training Session: Dashboards
Learn to leverage Reports, Searches and KPI scorecards to create the ultimate dashboard! Starting with reports, we will explore how to create summary snapshots, display KPIs as pop-up trend graphs, and set up KPI meters. NetSuite experts will then dive into Searches and explore how to use Saved Searches as custom Dashboard Reminders. Techniques for displaying trend graphs and creating KPI scorecards to compare information over multiple date ranges or accounting periods will also be covered, and finally, we’ll take a peek at Dashboard Tiles.
What's New and What's Next? 19.2 and Product Roadmap
Come and see our product team talk about how we are evolving our product to better meet the needs of our customers. During this session, we will run through some of the key enhancements in the latest product release and how these can benefit your business. As well as talking about some of the newest available features, you will see the Roadmap of what's is planned to come in the future.
Customer Training Session: Suite Analytics
Learn about SuiteAnalytics Workbook, the new analytical tool available in NetSuite! We will explore how to create highly customisable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool that leverages a new data source. NetSuite experts will help attendees create complex workbooks through actions such as drag and drop editing. You will learn how to use SuiteAnalytics Workbook to perform ad-hoc diagnostic analysis, with options for instant formula validation, data refreshment, and drilling down through query results.

NetSuite for Partners
 (these sessions are only available to NetSuite Partners)

It's a SuiteLife! Accelerate Your Partnership
Being part of the SuiteLife journey means taking your partnership to the next level. During this session, we'll discuss how we've re-invigorated our Partner program including go-to-market, training and engagement. We'll explain the support programs that you receive to accelerate your business. Whether you need to grow a new practice, expand domain expertise, or develop a growth plan, NetSuite’s SuiteLife program will give you the tools to succeed.
Unlock the Suite with Planning & Budgeting and Professional Services Automation
Join us for this session where we discuss the value of developing your practice to extend license and service revenues of your customer install base beyond financials. Discover NeSuite modules that you can provide to customers alongside consulting services to enhance customer satisfaction, capture additional ARR and further embed your relationship.
Partner's Guide to Building Your Own Vertical
Adding a vertical focus to your proposition is a way to differentiate your NetSuite practice. During this session we’ll cover the steps required to define your vertical focus and the solution components needed for a traditional vs. a SuiteSuccess solution. We'll illustrate with some success stories and guide you on working with SDN partners to develop a full solution.
Build Your Funnel Through Effective Marketing & Appointment Setting
NetSuite is investing in your success! We’ve added partner marketing resources and launched new integrated and localised campaigns to help grow your business. During this session we’ll cover how to choose the right go-to-market, the content available to support you and best practice for social tools.