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Watch the SuiteConnect keynote webcast and learn how to unlock growth and build a stronger brand, career, and a better world. Hear from Oracle NetSuite EVP Evan Goldberg, NetSuite customers, and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson.

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The breakout session presentations can be found below. We have provided all available presentations, but please note not all have been made available to share.

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Headshot of Evan Goldberg

Evan Goldberg

Executive Vice President,
Oracle NetSuite

Goldberg is responsible for product strategy and development for the Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit. Prior to Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite, Goldberg was CTO and Chairman of the NetSuite board. Before co-founding NetSuite in 1998, Evan Goldberg spent eight years at Oracle Corporation, where he served as a Vice President. He was involved in a variety of projects, all focused on making powerful database technology more accessible to users. When he left Oracle, he started MBED Software and built groundbreaking website technology. Goldberg holds a B.A.Summa Cum Laude in applied mathematics from Harvard College.

Headshot of Nicky Tozer

Nicky Tozer

EMEA Vice President,
Oracle NetSuite

Headshot of Dave Rosenberg

Dave Rosenberg

Senior Director, EMEA Marketing
Oracle NetSuite

Headshot of Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

Lead Singer of Iron Maiden &
Chairman of Cardiff Aviation

Headshot of Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Senior Systems Manager
eve sleep

Headshot of Cara Naden

Cara Naden

Zero Carbon World

Headshot of Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor


Headshot of Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson

Director, Partner & Alliances EMEA
Dell Boomi

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